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Reverseलोग is an initiative started by highschooler Aman Gulati to identify and empower youth who lack formal education and access to a stable work environment. They are boys who started public schooling but left it in between, either because of financial constraints or because of the poor public education system itself.

This initiative has given us an opportunity to help reverse these boys lives in the future , has given them jobs they are proud of and ensured that they are able to move up the ranks while they work and live their life with dignity. 


A survey conducted by Aman over 3 months concluded that a majority of these youth were unable to get good, long term jobs and were usually delegated to menial jobs, short term contractual jobs where they were highly dispensable and answerable
 to middlemen who took most of their earnings.

There was no dignity of labour, there was no training
and there was no way upward.

They could nor read or write properly,
but they all had mobile phones, were on Whatsapp and
Facebook and were very comfortable using technology.

What kind of a stable job could these boys actually do?
That’s when the idea of ReverseLog was born.


“If we cant go back and make a brand new start,
lets start from now and make a brand new ending”
- Anonymous


ReverseLog looks for unemployed boys aged 18-24,
who have not passed class 10 or 12 or maybe
have even left school midway. They may know a
little bit of reading and writing in Hindi or English.
They should be eager and willing to learn while they earn.

After a holistic and motivational training program,
done by a professional trainer , the boys aspirations,
capabilities and potential are identified. With further training,
their individual skills are enhanced so that they can
confidently do certain specific jobs using technology.

They are then incorporated to handle Reverse Log Services in the logistics sector. The learning continues throughout the job through various skill classes under a “Learn while you Earn” initiative.

We continue to train and incorporate more and more boys
in our network as we expand our Reverse Log Services.

ReverseLog Services

Our Process - How we work for you.


By choosing us, you are helping us
empower these boys


All shipments are handled by the Trained, Dedicated and Polite Reverselog staff


Dedicated Client Dashboard where the client can track everything. From POD to Video Recordings.


Total Transparency- with video recording and live tracking and continous alterts via SMS/EMAIL.


Every item in the box accounted and counted for with minimal chances of theft.



“Hard work and Training - There is no secret formula”


"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success." - Henry Ford

Aman Gulati

Founder - ReverseLog

A powerhouse of energy,
Aman’s ideas gave birth to this initiative. His experiences at the World Scholars Cup at Yale and as a member of the Young Leaders For Active Citizenship drives his beliefs that the power of India’s youth can be harnessed to bring about social change.

Radhika Pange

Mentor & Chief Trainer

Radhika brings years of retail training experience in MNCs like Levi’s and Raymond and is the Human Resource guide to our Reverselog team.Gregarious and fun loving, she instills corporate ethos into the minds of the our team members.

Dhruv Sarda

Mentor & Technology Lead

Dhruv’s experiences at representing India at the Asian Games and winning a plethora of medals at International sporting events combined with his technical prowess makes him an inspiration for the young members of ReverseLog.

Nidhi Gulati

Mentor & Logistics Guru

Nidhi, a first generation entrepreneur, has been at the helm of one of India’s leading freight forwarding companies
for the past two decades.
She provides guidance in corporate governance and compliance to the team.


ReverseLog looks forward to attracting young individuals
who would like to join us to make a difference in their lives.

Opportunities exist in all client facing and back end roles.
No prior experience is necessary.

We will train you to fit the job you are best suited to do.
If interested, email us on


Reverselog looks forward to fulfilling challenging assignments from organisations
seeking focussed, skilled and trained staff in the logistics space.
Do reach out to us with your pain areas and our team will work to create a solution for you.

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